Modafinil India – Dosage And administration

Modafinil linked to the brand name Provigil is a type of drug that is mostly used in treating sleepiness that comes from narcolepsy, sleep apnea or any problem of shift work. In addition to this, the drug can also be used for other health problems; only a professional will prescribe it the right way for you. Basically, modafinil is regarded as a racemic compound with a chemical formula of C15, H15, NO2S and a molecular weight of 273.35. C15, H15, NO2S is the chemical structure of Modafinil;

This substance is whitish or off-white in color appearing to be crystalline powder and chemically insoluble in cyclohexane and water.

Dosage and administration

The use of modafinil requires a prescription from a professional because using it wrongly can lead to more health problems. Below are the dosages for a different problem;

Dosage in sleep apnea and narcolepsy:

  • in treating these disorders, the standard dosage of modafinil is 200mg per day and the best time to take it is in the morning although dosage of 400mg/day has not been confirmed to be harmful; it has not to be confirmed to have any special benefit as well.

In shift work disorder:

  • for patients suffering from shift work disorder, the recommended dosage for the disorder is 200mg per day and it must be used 1 hour before the work shift.

Things to do and know while taking modafinil

Knowing some important things about modafinil will help in getting the best result and some of the import points to know about the drug are;

Not a cure for sleep problems:

  • it is very important to always bear it in mind that modafinil is not a cure for sleep problems thus a professional will know when and what to use it for.

Modafinil and high blood pressure:

  • it is not a good idea to take the modafinil if you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure as this may have a very dangerous effect on the body thus it is very essential to seek a doctor’s advice before using this drug for any problem.

The heart and modafinil:

  • to prevent any side effect that will affect the heart, it is very crucial to go for the heart test just to find out if it will be a good action to use the modafinil.

Alcohol and modafinil:

  • alcohol has been seen to react with modafinil in the body and in most cases the result is not always bearable and that is why abstaining from alcohol is always the best option when taking the modafinil.

Caffeine and modafinil:

  • taking modafinil with caffeine (cola, tea, and coffee) can lead to shakiness, nervousness and fast heartbeat of the patient, therefore; patient must stop the use of caffeine during the period of modafinil usage.

No for children:

  • children are not allowed to take the modafinil no matter the situation because there may be some side effects that may include reactions in form of deadly skin reaction. But for more information on this, visit your child doctor to shield more light on the matter.

Age limit:

  • using modafinil as a teenager or adult doesn’t have any backside but for adults older than the age of 65, it is very important to visit your doctor to prevent overdose or side effect and this is because individuals that fall in this category are prone to have more side effects.

Pregnancy and modafinil:

  • telling your doctor about your pregnancy status will go a long way in helping you. There may be a lot of risks if you use the modafinil without informing your doctor.

Birth control and pills and modafinil:

  • the use of birth control pills while using the modafinil can be disastrous for the birth control because modafinil may prevent the pills to work effectively thus it is better to use other birth control methods such as a condom for good result.

Breastfeeding and modafinil:

  • it is very essential to inform your doctor that you breastfeed before taking the modafinil because this may affect your child since the baby which is not meant to take the drug is doing so indirectly. This may lead to some serious issues in the health of the baby.

Possible side effects of taking Modafinil

Negative reactions resulting from the ingestion of modafinil are rare but when noticed, they should be reported immediately to the nearest good hospital, some of the side effects are below:

1. Allergic reaction:

  • When modafinil is ingested, there are possibilities that there may be allergic reactions in the body; these reactions can range from skin reaction to internal reaction.
  • Some of the reactions are rashes on the skin especially the arms and the thigh, peeling of the skin, fever with high temperature, difficulty in breathing, difficulty in swallowing, feeling pain while trying to talk, swelling up of the lips, throat, tongue or the mouth entirely.
  • The allergic reactions can become worse in three weeks if the necessary step is not taken.

2. Signs of the Damaged kidney:

When modafinil is taken, there are possibilities of the drug causing damage to the kidney in rare cases, the damaged kidney is not a problem that will be hidden in the body without symptoms as believed by many people, symptoms of the damaged kidney caused by modafinil include:

  •  Inability to urinate: This is one of the symptoms of the damaged kidney that shows up first, the affected person may not be able to pass out urine or may find it very difficult to pass out urine. This symptom is one of the most deadly symptoms of the damaged kidney.
  • Change in the quantity of urine: When a patient has been affected by modafinil and the kidney gets affected, the quantity of urine of the affected person is likely to reduce drastically, the affected person may urinate small amount of urine many times in a day.

3. Sign of damaged liver:

It is also possible to see signs that the liver has been affected when the modafinil works negatively, the signs of an affected kidney include:

  •  Change in the color of urine: The first sign of an affected liver is the change in the color of the urine when the liver is affected, the color of the urine often changes from the normal color to dark brown or sometimes dark yellow.
  • Tiredness: When the liver is affected, the affected person will start feeling tired, the weakness will increase as the liver problem becomes worse.
  • Stomach ache and other related issues: When the liver is affected, the affected person will have a stomach ache, and may not feel hungry and the pain will increase as it becomes worse.
  • Change in the color of stool and skin: When the liver is affected, the affected person’s stool will have a change in the color of the stool, the color of the stool will change from the normal color to light colored. The skin color can also change from the normal color to yellowish and so on.

4. Depression and bad mood:

  • Surprisingly, one of the side effects of modafinil is depression and bad mood, when modafinil works negatively, it can make the affected person have negative thoughts like suicidal thoughts and so on. The affected person can also be in a very bad mood and always look moody and sad.

5. Heart-related problems:

When someone is affected by the ingestion of modafinil, the person may see symptoms of heart problems like:

  •  Chest pain: The most common symptom heart problem is chest pain; the affected person will feel pain around the chest pain from the inner part. The pain maybe not be much at the early stages but later it can become severe if no medical attention is seen.
  •  Fast heartbeat: When the heart is affected, there is a high possibility that the affected person will have a fast heartbeat while breathing; the person may be weak due to the fast heartbeat also.

6. Hallucination:

  • When someone is experiencing side effects of modafinil, the person if not taken care of, will start seeing and hearing things that are not real or there, the person may begin to see imaginations and hear things he/she imagine.
  • When this becomes severe, the person may become frightened and start getting scared for no reason, it can also later lead to a case of insanity that may need rehabilitation or psychiatric medical attention if medical attention is not sought at the early stages of the illness.

Storing modafinil

For effective storage of modafinil, the following must be carried out;

  • Storing at room temperature
  • Keeping out of the reach of children
  • Throwing away expired or unused drugs. In addition, it should be noted that the throwing away should not involve flushing down the water closet or down a drainage has this could affect other living organizes in your area.

Modafinil can be readily found in the chemist all over the world. The modafinil manufactured in India and other parts of the word. Finally, it is very important to follow the prescriptions of your doctor for the best result.