Snoring And Your Weight


If you’re reading this article you’re either someone who knows that they snore a lot and heavily or you know someone that snores a lot and heavily. Heavy snorers have been known to wake themselves up, so loud and strong can their snores be; however, the biggest problem with people who snore is keeping other people awake. Snoring can be due to several reasons from having a slight cold to a disease like obstructive sleep apnea. Whilst a common cold will quickly pass and obstructive sleep apnea can be treated with modafinil – what if the snoring is caused by being overweight?

How can being overweight cause snoring?

Snoring and losing weight

Already know you need to lose weight because of snoring?

Quite understandably if you are overweight – be that packing a little more than others or being utterly obese – you can be forgiven for thinking that blaming your snoring on your weight is just another way for folk to ‘get at you’ about losing weight. The fact is though that being overweight can, and invariably does, increase your propensity to snore. To make a perfectly logical point here – being overweight there’s more of you than nature intended and that’s not just around the stomach or hips, but all over your body. This extra mass and tissue includes that in your throat – which is where snoring occurs, not in the nose. By having an excess of tissue in your throat when you’re asleep your breathing causes this excess tissue to vibrate creating the snoring sound. In extreme cases there can be so much excess tissue as to create an obstruction that can interfere with your sleep. This creates the condition known as sleep apnea, which can be serious if not treated with an appropriate medication like modafinil.

Avoid sleep apnea with weight loss.

If you want to avoid having to start taking modafinil then you need to reduce the risk that you will develop sleep apnea – which to begin with means losing weight. Whilst you should of course discuss your snoring and weight loss with a physician, as they might prescribe a short course of modafinil whilst you’re losing weight to help reduce your snoring – you can make a start on a new diet and exercise regime immediately. The secret here is not to expect to lose all your excess weight immediately, but to have a long term plan aiming to lose one or two pounds in weight a week. You can find plenty of diet plans elsewhere, so we’ll not go in to great detail about them here, but remember you can afford to give yourself a few treats in your diet – but make sure they are occasional treats not regular inclusions in your diet. For example, drinking alcohol is loaded with calories. You must reduce your alcohol intake if you’re serious about losing weight, but something like a glass of two of wine a week will be fine. Remember too that increasing your exercise regime will help you to lose weight when on a properly formulated diet, so get yourself down to the gym and have an exercise program devised to help you lose weight.

An extra benefit of increased exercise.

Exercise on its own will rarely result in any significant or long lasting weight loss. However, exercise on its own could help to reduce your snoring. Increasing the amount of exercise you do will have several benefits to your overall health including helping you to breath more efficiently. The more you exercise the deeper you will find yourself breathing which means that you are exercising all your respiratory system – including the tissue in your throat. Remember that an excess of tissue in your throat can cause obstructive sleep apnea, requiring treatment with modafinil. So, if by exercising more you strengthen the tissue in your throat it is less likely to result in you developing the condition in the first place. Or, if you do already have obstructive sleep apnea you could eventually cease taking modafinil for it by exercising more and strengthening your throat tissue.

Other benefits of stopping snoring.

Snoring and relationships

Is loud snoring ruining your relationships?

Who knows,

losing weight and stopping snoring could have many other positive consequences for you. Simply by being able to sleep more soundly you’ll be better rested and more able to cope with your work and tasks the next day. For some people stopping snoring could have profound effects on their personal lives saving a relationship that was being ruined by their loud snoring or enabling them to form long lasting relationships now that they no longer snore so loudly and deeply. Remember too that if due to other circumstances you cannot lose weight very easily, your physician can still help you to stop snoring by seeing if a course of modafinil would be suitable for you.